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Mobiteam is the #1 Web Design and Web Development Agency in the UK. This is not only our statement but also what we’ve been awarded by the largest directory of IT companies on the web – TechBehemoths. 

According to TechBehemoths, the jury awards three companies from top-performing countries each month. In September 2022, among the other 9 countries, companies from the UK were selected too. And we, the Mobiteam crew are proud to be one of the best IT companies in the UK. 

How did Mobiteam become the best IT company in the UK?

TechBehemoths states very clearly what are the criteria to land a top company. According to their blog about awards, the criteria are as follows: 

  • Client reviews
  • Business Portfolios
  • Business Profile Strength
  • Service Demand and Popularity
  • User activity on company profile
  • Community Feedback
  • Operational power

On the TechBehemoths platform, Mobiteam performed strong or excellent on all these criteria, having an excellent profile strength, 7 projects in the business portfolio, providing web design and web development services which are among the most in-demand services in the UK, and also a 5-stars average rating. 

Landing a top IT company in the UK is not a difficult task, especially for companies that have a proven track record, good reputation, and insightful description. 

In September 2022 Mobiteam was a top IT company, and we also hope that we keep our title for the following months, but considering how dynamic TechBehemoths is, everything is possible – team’s statement. 

Mobiteam does custom Web Design and Development. It is specialized in designing aesthetically beautiful and high-quality websites for corporate, personal and eCommerce. Our clients get websites that sell, attract and obtain market and customer’s respect.

The company is located in London and distributed in Berlin and Chișinau to have the chance to work with the best specialists without compromising the quality for borders.

Mobiteam creates web projects since 2012 and has 14 professionals. Besides the custom projects, we launched 3 startups and made 2 exits to US and UK companies so far.


Mobiteam is helping young startups and established companies to expand their online presence, user acquisition and conversion by connecting them to our many daily readers and network.

Now you can get your article published on and let your company be seen, discovered and used by thousands of monthly readers.

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