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Project Scope

We were hired by the Philippine Department of Tourism Frankfurt Office to create their DACH tourism platform. The main objective was to present to all the visitors the tourism scene the Philippines has. Including islands, attractions, holidays, flights, tours, food, beaches and vacations.

The Department of Tourism wanted to create a unique platform that will have all the relevant information in one place. As until now, there were many different websites presenting the information in a not user-friendly and unorganized way.


Although the project itself technically is pretty straightforward, the main challenge came from the client as the requirements were always changing during the project, complicating the functionality, the pages and timeline.
Another important challenge for a smooth cooperation was the decentralized communication the client had with our team. Their reviews, feedbacks, iterations, coming on different platforms and file formats.


It was paramount that we set up a correct communication and clear rules. That would help a lot in delivering a great product at the end, less communication friction and productive workflow. This will ultimately save a lot of time, costs and frustration.
We prepared a great Asana Project Management Board with all the ongoing tasks, timeline chart and debugging list. Centralized all the communication on Slack and Gmail.

In this specific project, the best solution for a continuous and fruitful work was to have good communication with the client as this was their first time working with a Creative Agency.

Final Result

It took some time to come to this habit for the client, but the result was great. We could track all the processes clearly and without any loss. That was critical especially taking into consideration the #WorkFromHome time.

The website was launched and is successfully operating in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The visitors are getting all the necessary information to be able to prepare an all-in-one trip to Philipines.

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