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Project Scope

reNature is supporting worldwide the farmers & corporates in the transition to Regenerative Agroforestry. As a Web Design and Development company from Berlin, Mobiteam was hired for the 4th time by the BohemiaAmsterdam to create a new project for them.

The main scope was to develop the website to be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. To have filters, maps and forms that must fully compatible with all the major web browsers and mobile phones.


From a technical standpoint, the website is charged with a multitude of filters, pins on maps, forms and complex design elements that have to be mobile responsive.

But on the other hand, all these criteria aren’t difficult to create and implement once there is a good amount of experience as Mobiteam has. Which is why, despite its complexity, we can’t say that we occurred any serious technical challenges.


It was pleasant to work on this project. One big reason why – is that the client has a good understanding of how the web works. As they are located in Amsterdam and we in Berlin, we had to make the work completely remote.
For that, besides email, we used Asana, Slack and Zoom for the sprints and feedback sessions. The debugging process was very well organized which made it possible to complete the project before the estimated deadline.

Final Result

The end result is something both the client and us are very proud of. It is a solid project with a global focus that already successfully operates on 5 continents and contributes extensively.
Thanks to the superior code quality and its modern design, the website needs very little maintenance and does not need any time soon a redesign, as it will be actual for the next 2-3 years without doubts.

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