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Project Scope

Our client is a young company that won several fashion contents for ladies underwear and started getting traction fast afterwards. We were reached to create Martely’s full visual branding, Website, Webshop and Website Technical Maintenance.

It was very important to transmit the freshness of the brand into the website, with a smooth, yet eye-pleasant colour palette. Because the website is mostly used by girls and ladies, it’s usability was a high priority for the design team.

All in all, we had the mission to create a fresh, modern and user-friendly website, that will reflect the brand’s philosophy and resonate with its audience.


A very common challenge that we also found when started working on Martely, was the fact that our client despite having a bright mind and openness, had no structure in the project. There was no documentation, sitemap or whatsoever.

We had to start from scratch, by creating a clear website structure, pagination, functionality, sitemap. To be able to build a flawless website on a stable base, which is mandatory.

Another important challenge was to create a very simple to use dashboard and admin panel for the owner, as her technical knowledge or programming was close to zero. Despite the fact that we were happy to offer as much support as needed to maintain the website, we also wanted to give maximum flexibility to the owner, by being able to work and edit the content whenever she needed.


We decided to take the situation fully in our hands and be rather proactive, by creating a clear roadmap, website structure, functionality, based both on our experience with similar previous projects and, on the current market’s standards and practices.

Once the base was created, we shared and made a presentation on why this is the best solution and what are the benefits for the visitors and the business owner. Within 1-2 iterations the client approved and we started the design.

Having the website structure, Project Scope, Sitemap, Functionality on the table, was very easy to create the design itself. We were presenting every page one by one, once it was ready, to make sure that we go in the right direction.

Final Result

Working together with the client on this project and having the chance to decide on our own key things like the Website Structure and Design, we managed to design and develop a website that fully resonates with its clientele and target group.

The website managed to get another round of investment after its launch and is operating up to this day successfully selling to over 25 countries worldwide from the USA, Miami.

The client is happy about the website and its online results. We are also responsible for any technical maintenance, updates and edits. Although the current design sells well and is very attractive, the next redesign and being planned for Q1 2021. And that is because of the fashion industry – to be able either to keep up the pace in styles or, be the trendsetter. You choose.

Client Feedback

Mobiteam created our full Visual Brand Identity and our online store. We worked together on this project for 4 months and I have exclusively positive feedback. We were far from IT and development, but I liked their proactive approach to help us understand better how it works and what would be the best solution for our specific needs.

Marta Zaparojan - CEO
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