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Project Scope

Consileon is a 430 employee consulting company coming from the South of Germany. They hired Mobiteam to fully rebrand their old online identity and create a powerful, yet user-friendly website.

It was asked to create a clearly business-driven layout but at the same time, to maintain a playfully and young aesthetics. The old website a lot of content and pages which had to be present in the new one as well.


Because the company was founded in 2001, there was a lot of content on the old website that had to be migrated on the new one. This was the most challenging part.

To make sure that all the articles are migrated correctly and accordingly. Because the process was very well organized from the very beginning with the client, it wasn’t as complicated as it may otherwise seem.


The key factor for this smooth and efficient project was the right communication. It was an ongoing communication with weekly sprints and constructive feedback.

This way even if there were any minor deviation from the main project scope, everything was quickly solved before it went too far with design or development. For the excellent migration process, we used several plugins and a little code magic to complete that in a timely manner.

Final Result

The end result is great. The website looks modern with a twist of an artistic touch. Its usability is greatly improved by becoming extremely user-friendly.

The client enjoys the website as much as their online visitors or us. The project was delivered within the deadline.

Our extra mile and out of scope work that we did for the project, was appreciated by giving us the second project from did for Consileon, called Consileon AI.

Client Feedback

Our collaboration with Mobiteam embodied how today’s professionals get the work done: a lean team of highly skilled people collaborating with transparency and creativity – to achieve a shared mission together. We recommend Mobiteam to anyone who wants to engage in a transparent and professional project. This Company knows how to deliver what is required.

Tobias Leibach - Marketing Manager
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