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Project Scope

Our client reached out to us, without even knowing that their direct competitor contacted us for the same job – to fully redesign their old website and give it a modern, fresh look. We are happy and lucky to be working with Essence of Berlin on their new website though, for many reasons.

The client had an existing website, that was not reflecting the real capacities the business had. There were clients, although not from the website, but rather from the extended network the business created through the years. And now it was decided to start focusing on the online division too.

We had a very clear goal – to create a modern, user-friendly website, that will transmit business’ philosophy and create a pleasant synergy between the visitors and its services. Obviously, to create an exquisite and vibrant design, aligned to 2020s trends.


Despite other projects we worked on, the client had a very clear idea of what they want to see at the end. Especially in terms of content, images, and website structure. That’s always great and easier to work with.

Nonetheless, 3 important challenges should be mentioned:

  • The target group for their services are elderly people. Which is why we to take into consideration the usability, the fonts, the complexity of the navigation. As well as finding a good compromise between the font size, modernism and the good old conservatism.
  • We had full “carte blanche” on the design and its aesthetics. The client trusted our design department fully, based on our previous works and portfolio. This brought us a big responsibility to not disappoint and deliver.
  • Big traffic loads

Except for these two things, it was a very straightforward project with high expectations.


Every project is individual and so are their solutions. To compromise the design and the text size, we analyzed several international news portals like the CNN, Euronews, Financial Times, and tracked their implementations for this issue. We applied the most optimal things from them into our final design which worked very well.

To make sure the website will support the big load and be scalable as well, we used Laravel as the PHP Framework. That was a smart solution for the special request we had both for a robust backend and the planned big traffic load.

Final Result

We created a website we are proud of and so is our client. It matches all the criteria that were set up in the Project Scope. The backend and dashboard are extremely easy to use even for nontechnical people, which gives a lot of flexibility and to not rely all the time on a third-party developer.

Our client appreciated the end result and as a proof, started our second project together, that will be launched officially in July 2020, in partnership with a huge American Tech Company, which is going to be a big buzz on the German and International Holiday Market.

On a side note, Mobiteam was commissioned also for the ongoing tech support and maintenance of the website.

Client Feedback

Nothing has been impossible for Mobiteam, every single question or request has been promptly answered and put into place. At a very reasonable price, I got a website that is perfect for my company with a backend that makes my work a true pleasure. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mobiteam for any of your website needs. I'm looking forward to our continued cooperation.

Joanna Coronado - Founder
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